LCD, LED, Plasma Televisions

Gadget's Computers and Electronics is now carrying Televisions for all applications, home theater HD TV's and corporate grade HD displays for Boardrooms, and digital signage. Brands we feature are Toshiba, LG, JVC, and Samsung. We can also provide kiosk touch digital signage for interactive display installations with ELO touch systems. Along with the various televisions we carry we have a large selection of cables for your installation needs, HDMI, Component, composite, optical audio, and VGA patch cables.

Home Consumer Television

Toshiba 3DLED

Built for the increased visual quality demanded by movie buffs and home entertainment enthusiasts, the L7200 series 3D TV from Toshiba integrates advanced image processing technology for a Cinema-like experience in 2D or 3D. Local Dimming technology incorporates the processing capabilities of the dual-core CQ Engine and advanced backlight control system to produce both deeper blacks and brighter whites. This is especially beneficial in darker themed films or animated films. Sports fans and action film fans will also appreciate the smooth motion provided by ClearScan 240Hz.

Toshiba LED

Looking for a television that’s right for sports, movies, games, and just about everything else? The L5200 series LED TV is designed to grace your living room or den with its aesthetically pleasing, thin bezel Aero Design in a featured-packed and intuitive package. The acclaimed ClearFrame™ 120Hz feature uses advanced frame interpolation technology to offer smooth motion that is perfect for the fast paced action of sports, or the intense sequence of the latest action flick. For gamers, there is Gaming Mode, which provides a more instantaneous response on the screen for a distinct advantage.

Toshiba LCD

The sleek rugged C120U series delivers performance and value with connectivity options including USB, HDMI and PC Input. Bring HD entertainment into every room of your home with the versatile C120U series. With the larger E220 Series experience the difference of 1080p Full HD combined with the convenience of next-generation connectivity. The stylish E220 series takes entertainment to the next level - watch movies, view photos or listen to music through the USB port.

Digital Signage / Corporate Displays

The product of the year award winner from CRN and the Best Award winner from the Commercial Integrator magazine for digital signage hardware, the LG EzSign TV is an innovation in digital signage that can entertain while maximizing the impact of your message. Create your own signage content by using your PC and the free EzSign software. Transfer that content by using a USB flash drive and plug it into the EzSign TV to run content in the form of a billboard - no additional hardware is needed. Advertisment, information, and live television broadcasting on the same screen to attract attention and deliver specific messaging to you customers. There are many free templates that are available for you to use. Choose the template that you want to use and add your own messages to that template. Save the file and transfer it to the EzSign TV using the USB flash memory stick to run it. It is that easy and simple.

Interactive Digital Signage IDS touch displays are available in four sizes with a choice of industry-leading touch technologies offering versatility across multiple market segments for a heightened user experience. The professional touch displays are developed for heavy duty use and can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation. Available size from 32” to 55” featuring advanced touch technologies from Zero-bezel Acoustic Pulse Recognition, to Intellitouch and Optical touch sensors. Windows 7 based computer modules and webcam accessories enhance the functionality of your interactive digital signage. These sign solutions are perfect for any environment, outdoor, public access, information kiosks, classroom and medical environments.