Virus Removal and PC Tune UP

Computer getting slow? Getting annoying popups that interfere with your work? The team at Gadget’s Computers excels in helping you get the most out of your computer. Our trained professional technicians can remove all those nasty bugs and viruses that cause PC slowness and annoying popups in a fast and effective way. We have a host of tools and fixes that can help eliminate spyware and speed up your pc, sometimes even faster than the day you bought it!

At Gadget’s Computers, our staff is extremely thorough in the tune-up service, performing fixes and tweaks that will maximize your computer’s potential and help avoid system crashes and errors. Because every computer is different and every problem is unique, it is difficult for us to provide a quote over the phone for your computer issue.

Gadget’s Computers recommends that you bring in your PC at your leisure and allow us to perform our standard diagnosis. After the diagnostic phase is complete, one of our handy staff members will call or email you with a detailed quote on what needs to be fixed and the labor charges associated with it. We can also advise on any hardware upgrades or replacements if necessary. If, after the diagnostic, it is determined that your computer is either unfixable through reasonable means or you would simply rather purchase a new pc through us, Gadget’s Computers will waive any diagnostic charges incurred through the repair and be happy to setup your new pc, with all the tweaks and updates it needs…as well as a data transfer, all for free!

As part of our tune-up service, gadgets computers will also physically clean out the inside of your computer from dust that can cause overheating and static discharge.

Some signs that your computer could use a virus removal and/or tune-up:

  • Your computer Is slower than it once was
  • Random popups from websites
  • Search results coming up to things that you were not searching for
  • Slow computer startup or shutdown
  • Error messages occurring at any time, but usually during startup or when applications are run.
  • Internet downloads slow or choppy.
  • System defrags that do not complete properly
  • Video or sound distortions

Signs that your computer has serious problems and should be diagnosed immediately before further damage is done or data is permanently lost:

  • System freezing or rebooting
  • Severe slowness when starting or shutting down
  • Loud sounds coming from computer, clicking or “whizzing” sounds.
  • Video distortions or random video glitches
  • Complete system power-offs

If your computer is showing symptoms of the above, it should be shutdown and diagnosed immediately. Quite often, problems of this nature get worse over time and can eventually lead to more hardware failures resulting in more cost to replace parts as well as possible permanent data loss.

Ask about our FREE 2nd opinion service and get your computer diagnosed for free!!!

The other guys tell you it can’t be fixed? Did they say what you want can’t be done? Are they telling you your data is gone? Hold on a minute! Bring in your diagnostic receipt from any of our competitors and we will give you a 2nd opinion diagnostic ABSOLUTELY FREE! Our trained technicians excel at fixing the unfixable and recovering the unrecoverable. We have been able to repair systems, get networking jobs done and retrieve data lost from deletion or failed equipment when the other guys said it was impossible! Call or email to see if you qualify, or come on in with your receipt. We will give you the full diagnostic, at no charge and then advise you on possible repair options and costs. If you choose to have it fixed, we’ll fix it in a timely manner and send you on your way. If it still can’t be fixed after a professional look or you don’t want to have it repaired, we’ll return the items to you at no charge. Nothing is cheaper than FREE!