Computer Upgrades

Ram, Storage, VideoCard, DVD Drives, Bluray, Monitors, Keyboards/Mice, Routers, Wireless

Gadget's Computers is your one stop shop for all your Desktop and Laptop upgrade needs. At Gadget’s, we specialize in optimizing your computer with hardware upgrades to meet your needs. Gadget’s computers can perform a free in-store diagnostic of your system’s specs and determine the best upgrades possible for the best price to match exactly what your pc needs are. Our friendly and honest staff will advise you on possible upgrade paths to get the most out of your PC and will never sell you more or less than you need.

The following table outlines the general labour costs of upgrades and does not include the price of parts. Gadget’s holds the final say in any labour costs for a PC repair but will do it’s best to provide the most accurate quote at the time of diagnosis:





DVD drives, 2nd hard drives, peripherals, power supply, fans, video/sound cards

$55.00 (Flat Rate)

Main boot drive replacement/upgrade

$139.95 (Windows Install includes diagnostic)**

Motherboard replacement/upgrade

$99.95 (Diagnostic and Labor)**

*Gadget’s Computers highly recommends that any Ram purchased here be installed by our trained technicians due to the highly sensitive nature of ram and the motherboards they are connected to. Gadgets computers will install the Ram and make sure the PC accepts the upgrade and does not have any issues afterwards. Gadget’s Computers bare no responsibility for damage to a user’s system from Ram purchased here that is not installed by a professional technician.

**These prices may vary based on several different factors, which include but are not limited to, doing a direct copy from hard drive to hard drive or doing a windows re-install based on the upgrade taking place. All jobs requiring extensive hardware replacement will be quoted before we repair. Please contact Gadget’s Computers tech department for more information.